Our Warbird Collection

The Hangar at 743 is home to an impressive collection of vintage aircraft, which are maintained in full working order. The private collection of warbirds is hosted and maintained by Prescott Foundation founder Dave Prescott.

Hangar 743 Vintage Aircraft Collection

The first aircraft to call The Hangar at 743 home was a small-scale replica of Dave Prescott’s favorite airplane, the Corsair, in 2003. It was then followed by a Déjà vu, a T-6 Texan, and in 2017, a Ruthless II, a full-size Corsair. The Zero replica Tora 101 was added to the collection in 2018, followed by the B-25 Mitchell known as Old Glory in 2019 and TBM Avenger Ida Red in 2022.

History and Foundation

Dave Prescott’s fondness for aviation began as a hobby when he was a child. Mr. Prescott built models with his father and eventually became a pilot and later a flight instructor, and his passion for aviation and history has never waned. In 2019, Mr. Prescott founded the Prescott Foundation, with the goal of acquiring, restoring, and maintaining warbird vintage aircraft for the education and enjoyment of generations to come. 

The Prescott Foundation not only restores vintage aircraft and supports the training of journeymen mechanics, but it also hosts fundraisers and events to support other important causes in the community, such as Toys for Tots, America’s VetDogs, the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, Make-A-Wish, and the American Cancer Society.

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