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The Hangar at 743 Museum houses the private collection of Warbirds owned by David Prescott, Navy veteran and founder of the Prescott Foundation. Prescott’s fondness for aviation began as a hobby when he was a child. He made models with his father and eventually become a pilot and later a flight instructor.

Foot Wingspan on B25 Old Glory
Foot Corsair Propeller
Mitsubishi A6M Zeros Built
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Pilots Trained on T6 Texans



While Prescott has owned numerous aircraft, one of his first, a Grumman, had a sliding window over the cockpit much like the Warbirds he built models of as a boy. He purchased a small-scale replica of his favorite airplane, the Corsair, in 2003. In 2016 he purchased Déjà vu, a T-6 Texan, and in 2017 Ruthless II, a full-size Corsair. The Zero replica Tora 101 was added in 2018, followed by the B-25 Mitchell known as Old Glory in 2019.

T6 Texan

FG-1D Corsair

A6M Zero

B-25 Mitchell

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Committed to preserving WWII military aviation heritage for generations to come, The Hangar at 743’s goal is to continue to grow the collection, including additional aircraft, memorabilia and ephemera.

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The Hangar at 743 Museum is in search of original historical materials that directly relate to or represent World War II aviation. The Museum’s collection of historical materials will focus on objects to help visitors discover and gain a better understanding of the heritage of WWII aviation.

We welcome donations of WWII specific items from individuals, families and organizations. If you are interested in donating items to The Hangar at 743 Museum, please contact The Hangar at 743 staff.

The Museum is especially interested in objects and other materials such as:

  • Pilot Training materials
  • Pilot and aircrew clothing
  • Original maps
  • Photographs
  • Insignias, decorations, honors
  • Personal diaries, letters, and other
    manuscript or archival material
  • Aircraft directly related to the story of
    WWII aviation

Donated items are preserved at the Museum, used for displays and exhibitions and can be made accessible to the public for research by appointment.

Please note, artifacts cannot be accepted without prior communication with The Hangar at 743 staff.

volunteer at the museum

The Hangar at 743 Museum has volunteer opportunities available. If you’d like to volunteer contact Jennifer LaBoissiere.

Archives Volunteers will assist with the documentation, digitization, and storage of documents, photographs, objects, and artifacts in the Museum’s collection.

Aircraft Restoration
Aircraft Restoration Volunteers work under direction of the Warbird Factory and should have mechanical experience.

Educational Guide
Educational Guide Volunteers provide history-based tours of The Hangar at 743 and insight to the aircraft housed in the Hangar to groups of various ages.

The Museum is available for group tours or by appointment Call (518) 633-1155 to Schedule your visit