Top Catering Trends: Elevate Your Hangar Event

Choosing the perfect catering for your event can set the tone and leave a lasting impression on your guests. At our airplane hangar venue, the sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating the latest and most exciting catering trends. Here are some of the top catering trends and how they can be seamlessly integrated into your next event at our unique venue.

1. Interactive Food Stations

Why It’s Trending: Interactive food stations add a fun, engaging element to any event. Guests can customize their meals and enjoy a more personalized dining experience.

How to Incorporate It: Set up various food stations throughout the hangar, each offering a different cuisine or specialty. Think build-your-own taco bars, gourmet burger stations, or sushi rolling stations. The expansive space of the hangar allows for creative layouts, ensuring each station stands out and draws in guests.

2. Farm-to-Table Freshness

Why It’s Trending: There’s a growing demand for fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Farm-to-table catering emphasizes quality and sustainability.

How to Incorporate It: Partner with local farms and producers to source fresh, seasonal ingredients. Create a menu that highlights the best of what’s in season. Decorate the hangar with rustic, natural elements to complement the farm-to-table theme, such as wooden tables, fresh flowers, and greenery.

3. Global Flavors

Why It’s Trending: Guests are increasingly seeking diverse and exotic culinary experiences. Global flavors add an element of adventure and excitement to the menu.

How to Incorporate It: Design a menu that takes guests on a culinary journey around the world. Offer stations or courses featuring dishes from various cultures, such as Mediterranean mezze, Asian street food, or South American tapas. The unique ambiance of the airplane hangar provides the perfect backdrop for an international theme, with vintage planes adding to the sense of global adventure.

4. Food Trucks and Mobile Bars

Why It’s Trending: Food trucks and mobile bars bring a casual, trendy vibe to events. They offer a variety of options and can cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

How to Incorporate It: Utilize the hangar’s spacious outdoor areas to park food trucks and mobile bars. This setup is perfect for summer events or festivals, creating a lively, open-air atmosphere. Choose trucks that offer diverse cuisines and unique drinks to cater to all your guests.

5. Grazing Tables and Charcuterie Boards

Why It’s Trending: Grazing tables and charcuterie boards are visually stunning and provide a communal dining experience. They offer a variety of options, making them perfect for mingling.

How to Incorporate It: Set up expansive grazing tables or charcuterie boards as centerpieces in the hangar. Fill them with a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fruits, nuts, and artisanal bread. The hangar’s large, open space allows for impressive setups that invite guests to gather and enjoy the spread.

6. Health-Conscious Menus

Why It’s Trending: With a growing focus on health and wellness, guests appreciate menus that include nutritious, wholesome options.

How to Incorporate It: Work with your caterer to create a menu that features healthy, delicious options. Include dishes that are vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb to cater to various dietary needs. The clean, industrial aesthetic of the hangar can be softened with fresh, vibrant decor that reflects the health-conscious theme.

7. Signature Cocktails and Mocktails

Why It’s Trending: Custom drinks add a personal touch to any event. Signature cocktails and mocktails can reflect the theme of the event and the personality of the hosts.

How to Incorporate It: Design a menu of signature drinks that align with the event’s theme or the season. For example, offer aviation-themed cocktails with names inspired by famous aircraft or pilots. Set up a stylish bar area in the hangar, complete with professional bartenders who can mix and serve these unique beverages.

The Wrap Up

Incorporating these top catering trends into your event at our airplane hangar venue will not only impress your guests but also enhance the overall experience. The hangar’s unique setting, combined with innovative and engaging catering options, ensures your event will be memorable and talked about for years to come. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or social gathering, let us help you create an extraordinary culinary journey that takes your event to new heights.

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