Crazy in Love with a Warbird

We’ve all had friends offer words of advice for contemplation when we feel unsure of our path. Things like, “you are where you’re supposed to be right now,” or “your path has brought you on this journey,” etc., etc. Here I sit quarantined at a naval base in San Diego, thousands of miles from home, one day into a two-week quarantine. Those phrases echo through my brain.

Today we may say aloud before an awe-struck world: “We are still masters of our fate. We are still captain of our souls.”  ~Winston Churchill

Until last year, my career had evolved within the arts, design, and museum communities. It was then that David Prescott approached me about helping him to fulfill his next ambition of building a new World War II “Warbird” museum in Albany, NY. I had been married for nearly 30 years and blessed with four wonderful children. I would never have guessed the next great love in my life would be a polished chrome B-25 Mitchell, affectionally called Old Glory.

From the day she rolled onto our runway, banking a right turn with majestic grace, her glass-encased nose sparkling slightly less than her riveted silver body, I was mesmerized. Her mighty wings, outstretched, supporting two massive engines, propellers flitting in unison, her entirety skillfully completing a U-turn just yards in front of me following wheels much smaller.

As her propellers simultaneously, methodically slowed to a stop, I approached this beauty, Old Glory, completely awe-struck by her strength, her history and the excitement that my next path would be to discover and share her story. This is just a fraction of the emotions you feel when climbing in and seeing the handwritten names of active duty soldiers, some WWII Vets, including one of the Doolittle Raiders. There is so much more to say…

Follow My Journey

Each day, as web connectivity allows, I’ll post updates, adding to Old Glory’s journey to The 75th Commemoration of the End of WWII in Hawaii. I’ll share discoveries, history and information about the other warbirds joining this significant event. Please share your comments and feedback to

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