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So much more than simply an event space or private aircraft collection, our location on the campus of Albany International Airport unites passion, heritage, and community with our three unique but interconnected brands: The Hangar at 743, The Warbird Factory, and the Prescott Foundation.  

The Hangar at 743 is a unique aviation event space that hosts weddings, private parties, and corporate functions that become an epic experience steeped in aviation heritage. It is a venue as unique as your story.  

Our stunning location, coupled with our dedication to the history and preservation of World War II aircraft, has made us a destination for people planning a showstopping event as well as those who are history aficionados.  

History of the Aviation Event Venue

The Hangar at 743 was first imagined as a unique venue to host events in support of the Prescott Foundation and its mission of bridging generations through living history. The foundation’s restored vintage aircraft as well as its location on the operational runway of Albany International Airport have made it an attractive destination for events of all types, including weddings, business functions, fundraisers, and private parties. The glowing reviews from guests confirm that The Hangar at 743 is the perfect backdrop for memories to last a lifetime.  

Mission and Values

At the heart of our endeavor is a shared commitment to preserving aviation history and supporting local veterans. Through The Hangar at 743, we offer an immersive experience, where vintage elegance meets operational warbirds. The Warbird Factory serves as the skilled hands behind these flying legends and is also dedicated to nurturing future aviation talent. The Prescott Foundation, our guiding force, orchestrates this symphony, channeling every effort toward a singular goal: to honor our past, support our heroes, and inspire generations to come. 

The Hangar at 743

The Hangar at 743 aviation event venue is a versatile event space decorated with authentic airplane parts and an impressive collection of World War II military aircraft. Our private collection of rare historic aircraft is still fully operational and adds a unique charm to this aviation event space that will leave guests speechless.

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Warbird Factory

The Warbird Factory specializes in the repair, restoration, and maintenance of World War II aircraft as well as service and maintenance for general aviation aircraft. However, we are more than just maintenance experts; we are the guardians of aviation history. Our skilled hands ensure these iconic aircraft continue to soar while we mentor the next generation of aviation talent.As part of our mission, The Warbird Factory supports the training of journeymen mechanics and lends restored Warbirds to The Hangar at 743 for the enjoyment and education of the public.

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two technicians working on warbird at Warbird Factory

The Prescott Foundation

The Prescott Foundation was established in 2019 by former Navy nuclear engineer David Prescott. His passion for aviation began at a young age in Iowa, and he is now an owner, operator, and pilot. At the Prescott Foundation, we stand as the bridge between past, present, and future, uniting generations through the living history of aviation. Our mission is to preserve, educate, and inspire, ensuring the legacy of these iconic aircraft lives on for everyone to experience and cherish.

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