Tora 101 Vintage Warplane Exposed Engine



The mission of the Prescott Foundation, located in The Hangar at 743 is to preserve and maintain the heritage and history of WWII aircraft, while also honoring our heroes and veterans.

Airshows, exhibitions, and special events establish The Hangar at 743 as an accessible living museum providing opportunities to educate and inspire all who experience our collection.



The Hangar at 743 is focused on preserving WWII aviation history by restoring vintage Warbirds to function as safe operational aircraft.


Educate and inform visitors of the significance of America’s participation in WWII and aviation’s effect on the outcome of the war.


By fostering an understanding and appreciation of WWII aircraft, we hope to inspire others to rebuild and protect these vintage Warbirds.


We honor and bring glory to the heroes who dedicate their lives to serve our country and protect our freedom, may we never forget.

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Onboard a Navy Ship

Monday, August 3 Shortly after settling in on the Essex, I learned it was movie night! As the sky darkened from the amber-orange hues of

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The Prescott Foundation and The Hangar at 743 regularly host fundraising events, donating the revenue to numerous charitable organizations.

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